We pride ourselves on being one of the leading suppliers of high-quality chestnuts to the UK market.

Chestnuts Supplier

Our range of European chestnuts can be found in retail, wholesale and they are also available for food service.  The perfect vegan friendly, gluten free ingredient to help add texture, taste, and creaminess to a variety of dishes.

Versatile and offering many health benefits, why not try for yourself and order a sample of our below chestnut products.

  • Whole roasted chestnuts
  • Kibbled chestnuts
  • Pureed chestnuts
  • Marron glace chestnuts
  • Sweetened/crème chestnuts
  • Chestnut flour

Let's talk Chestnuts!

Get in touch with us to talk about our full range of chestnuts and what we can offer to your business.