Chestnut Vegan Ice Cream

chestnut ice cream

Summer may have left the building, but our love for ice cream is year round.  Perfect for the sweet tooth, our chestnut vegan ice cream is guaranteed to be a hit on even the coldest of evenings on the sofa.

Now we’re not going to fib and tell you that this recipe will help you shed the pounds, however, it does contain healthy fats and less sugar than most store bought ice cream.

Are Chestnuts Good For You?

The chestnuts in our ice cream are also a great source of vitamins A, B Complex, C and E- nutrients that play an essential part in keeping our bodies happy and healthy.

Vegan and Dairy Free Ice Cream

This ice cream is vegan and dairy free, but don’t worry- it’s still super creamy and delicious! We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on flavour to have a healthier treat!

Benefits of Chestnuts

Chestnuts are rich and scrumptious, pairing perfectly with the rum and coconut in this vegan ice cream recipe. No longer do we have to rely on chestnuts being in season to enjoy them in our meals. At Porter, we harvest the most tasty chestnuts in Europe, vacuum seal them and store them at ambient temperatures, meaning they can be eaten all year round! Chestnuts are not just for Christmas any more!

Chestnut Vegan Ice Cream Recipe


  • 250g (1 cup) chestnut puree
  • 2 tablespoons of dark rum
  • 300 ml (1 ¼ cups) coconut cream
  • 50 grams ( ½ cup) icing sugar
  • Marron Glace


  1. Combine the chestnut puree and rum and mix well.
  2. Whip the coconut cream and icing sugar together
  3. Combine the chestnut/rum mixture with the sugary coconut cream and fold in.
  4. Put mixture in an airtight container and leave overnight.
  5. Chop a handful of Marron Glaces
  6. Serve and sprinkle the Marron Glaces on top

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